Noella Monova

Noella Monova

Noella Monova is a Russian girl. (Her name is written in Russian beside her). She is bilingual knowing Russian and English. Cardan is her best friend, though she likes him more than that. Her eye is not missing, it’s very damaged. (Reason Unknown). Unlike my other drawings, this one is not done in Microsoft Paint, it was done in IBIS paint X. Extra Mentions: Her necklace (not pictured) is her literal life. She was born 3/Pisces/X. With her being a Pisces, she is not very stable, she will not open up at all. Only with a sense of trust. She trusts her “friend” Cardan. Cardan is a Virgo. They help each other by filling in their differences. The Pisces woman is quick to notice something is wrong, making her very aware. If you try to fool her, you are the fool…

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