Commissions are open!

I have decided to do free commissions from 12/24/18 – 1/13/19! I can only do torso or chest up drawings. I don’t draw furries because I can’t draw them, sorry. But I can do Kemonomimi (Males/Females with cat/dog ears or tails). I can kinda draw goats (Like Asriel). Sometimes, I may not get to your request, sorry about that, I don’t like to draw constantly. Also, it’s winter break for me, I like to go outside- A LOT! Give me the correct info the first time. You have the choice of a solid color background, along with your character’s name. You also have the choice of shading or no shading. I don’t draw neon colors, my eyes are very sensitive to light, take no offense, please. You have (almost) all the rights to this image, but please do not claim that you drew it… My contact info is Thanks- Nitrogen-Chan/ Super-Novalty.

  1. Please give me a drawn image or doll maker of your OC!
  2. Give me a brief backstory!
  3. Remember to give me the name of your OC!
  4. Don’t say “This is bad”. It was free…
  5. Be kind.
  6. Please don’t email me a lot…
  7. Please, please, please, don’t spam…
  8. Enjoy!

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